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Library Policies
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FCPL is a vital participant in the Forsyth County community,
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Meeting Room and Study Room Use Policy

In determining meeting room or study room use, the library does not discriminate against persons or groups on the basis of sex, color, race, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, or disability. The Library Board of Trustees delegates the authority to set conditions for room use to the Director. Groups must comply with all library policies and procedures.

The public library serves a neutral position in the community, providing materials and resources for patrons’ edification and enjoyment. As such, patrons are entitled to utilize the resources and facilities of the public library without intrusion of active or passive solicitation of any kind. Solicitation, other than to support the library's programs and resources, is contrary to the nature and intent of the library and interrupts the use of the library by patrons seeking an appropriate atmosphere for reading, self-education and research. No fees may be charged for admission or services nor donations solicited.

Meeting Rooms

The primary purpose of the meeting rooms is to provide appropriate space for library meetings and programs to support and promote the library's mission. However, when the rooms are not being used for library programs or activities, community groups and organizations may request the use of the rooms. Any group's use of the meeting rooms does not constitute the library's endorsement of that group's credentials, policies, or beliefs.

  • Meeting rooms may be used for non-commercial meetings or programs. For the purpose of this policy, "commercial" means the exchange, buying, selling or promotion of goods or services with the intent of financial gain. Meeting rooms are not to be used by profit-making ventures or by representatives of profit-making companies or organizations.
  • Meeting rooms will be available for public use at times posted in the branches and on the Meeting Room Use form. Scheduled events may be pre-empted in the event of a special election, as the meeting rooms may be designated polling sites in the county. Library staff will give reasonable notice if it is necessary to cancel or change a reservation.
  • Meeting room hours and reservation procedures are based on the schedule of hours that the library is open and may be limited, when necessary, to ensure equitable access to the facilities for the entire community.
  • Meetings, including setup, must be held during posted hours for meeting room use. Meetings must end 30 minutes before the library's posted closing time.
  • Meeting rooms must be reserved in advance on a first-come, first-served basis. An adult who is an FCPL cardholder must serve as the group contact.
  • The cardholder responsible for the reservation must check in at the Ask Us Desk and present a valid FCPL card prior to using the room.
  • The group contact will be required to sign a Meeting Room Use contract and will be responsible for the organization's activities, including costs to repair damage incurred during use by the group.
  • Youth organizations must have one adult present at all times for every 10 children present.
  • Meetings, programs, or activities must not interfere with or be disruptive to regular library operations (e.g., noise, overcrowding, or parking). (Refer to the Patron Behavior Policy).
  • The library reserves the right to immediately terminate the meeting, program, or activity and to refuse future reservations in the event that the group does not follow all rules included in this policy and in the Meeting Room Use form.
  • All groups must enter and exit through the main entrance of the library except in emergencies.
  • Storage of supplies or equipment belonging to meeting room users is not permitted.
  • Nothing may be attached to walls, ceilings, doors, or furniture of any of the rooms.
  • No signs or posters promoting a meeting or program may be placed anywhere in the library or on the grounds of the library.
  • Furniture may not be moved in or out of the meeting room.
  • Forsyth County Public Library is a tobacco-free facility.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  • Groups are prohibited from making statements in their advertising or meeting announcements that suggest the library's sponsorship or endorsement. Neither the name nor the address of the library buildings may be used as the official address of the headquarters of an organization.
  • Meeting room reservations are not transferable from one group to another.
  • Attendance must not exceed posted capacity of the rooms.
  • Light refreshments such as coffee, tea, juice, soft drinks, pastries, or fruit are permitted. Other food products must be approved in advance.
  • The library staff reserves the right to enter the meeting rooms at any time.
Study Rooms

FCPL also makes available study rooms for use by small groups or individuals. FCPL is happy to provide these spaces to the public and all are welcome to use them in accordance to the following rules.

  • Rooms are available only during open library hours, and close 15 minutes before the library closes.
  • Patrons may reserve a study room up to three days in advance by using the library website or by speaking with a library staff member in person or by phone.
  • Rooms may be used for up to two hours at a time. If no one is waiting and no other reservations have been made, patrons may extend their time at the Ask Us Desk.
  • Reservations that have not been kept or rooms that have been vacated for 15 minutes will be released to others who are waiting.
  • The library cannot be responsible for items left unattended in a study room.
  • The rooms and their furnishings must be left in their original condition. The user will be liable for replacement or repair of library property damaged due to misuse.
  • Rooms may be reserved by valid Forsyth County Public Library cardholders only.
  • The cardholder responsible for the reservation must check in at the Ask Us Desk and present a valid FCPL card prior to using the room.
  • The cardholder who reserves the room must be present in the study room during the reservation period.
  • Rooms will be monitored; library staff has the authority to expel individuals violating these rules and/or the Patron Behavior Policy.
  • When the room is vacated, the responsible person must check out with the librarian on duty at the Ask Us Desk.
  • The library reserves the right to remove unattended belongings.
  • No furniture may be moved in or out of the rooms.
  • The Library reserves the right to limit future study room use if these rules are not followed.

Approved on 11/17/2014
Implemented on 12/1/2014 Back to ListBack to List
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