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FCPL Strategic Plan
FCPL champions literacy, lifelong learning,
and personalized service to all patrons.

FCPL is a vital participant in the Forsyth County community,
striving to improve the quality of life for everyone.
Serve the entire Forsyth County community
  1. Identify barriers to using library services.
  2. Provide library services to traditionally underserved populations.
  3. Expand awareness and outreach to both current and future library users.
  4. Develop partnerships to maximize efforts to serve the entire community.
  5. Commit to reflecting Forsyth County's growing diversity through library programs, materials in the library's collection, and initiatives to increase diversity of staff representation.
Deliver a transformational library experience
  1. Broaden exceptional service to maximize the library experience.
  2. Create personalized experiences for our users.
  3. Foster opportunities to inspire innovation.
  4. Promote the library as a community center to meet the individualized needs of Forsyth County residents.
  5. Change perceptions about what a public library can be.
Champion literacy and lifelong learning
  1. Inspire Forsyth County residents to be active lifelong learners.
  2. Connect library users with materials that promote literacy and lifelong learning to all ages.
  3. Prioritize library programs for adults and continue to exceed expectations in providing programs for children, teens, and families.
  4. Increase collaboration with places of learning within Forsyth County.
  5. Encourage technological literacy through a variety of library resources and instruction.
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