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In addition to information service over the phone and in person, Information Specialists are ready to answer your questions electronically during library hours. Please give us 24–48 hours to reply.

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Your question: Please provide as many specifics as possible such as keywords, phrases or significant terms that will help us in our search for your answer. For example, does your question relate to a field such as sports, medicine, business, etc.? If this is for a school project, what grade level?

eLibrary: If you have a question about downloading eAudiobooks or eBooks, please include the following specific information if you have it available. If you're not sure about any of it, we'll help you find out.

  • Computer operating system (Windows 7, Mac OS X, etc.)
  • What device you're using (Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.)
  • Title of the eAudiobook or eBook you're downloading
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