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Sesame Street
Enjoy beloved Sesame Street characters and stories all on one eBook platform!

Using Sesame Street Inside a Library Branch

Patrons inside a library branch can access Sesame Street without any further steps.

  1. Click here for access to Sesame Street.

Using Sesame Street Outside the Library

Patrons outside a library branch must follow the steps below.

  1. Click here for access to Sesame Street.
  2. Click Login Button on the right top side.
  3. Click Library Card Login link. Sesame Street
  4. Select Forsyth County Public Library from the Choose Institution dropdown list and enter your library card number. Sesame Street

Using Sesame Street on iPad/Android App

Patrons can use the Sesame Street App on an iPad/Android with our library's special credential. (iPhone is not supported at this time.)

  1. Download and install the Sesame Street App in App Store. Sesame Street APP in IPad Sesame Street APP in Andoid
  2. Click "About" on the bottom menu bar. Sesame Street APP
  3. Use library's special credential to sign in.
    Username: forsyth@sesamestreet.org | Password: sesameebooks
    Sesame Street APP


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